Lara Lacroix

What happens when you dump a pile of lego in the middle of a  group of Grade 8 students and provide them with the following problem:  Build a creative structure (whatever you want), the catch is you need to work together as a team and use as many as the pieces as possible. This is exactly [...]

Who am I? Seriously, do you know who you are? Really? Which role (mother/father, husband/wife, insert your career title here, sister/brother, aunt/uncle, athlete/gamer/couch seat warmer/movie & TV show fanatic) fits you the most and best describes you? If you had to pick only one answer (like some horrible multiple choice question on a final exam), could [...]

August. It’s like a setting straight out of a National Geographic TV special where elusive, mysterious mammals have been spotted frantically gathering food and materials for themselves and their young in preparation for winter. The camera crew (and Bear Grylls?) hover nearby documenting the entire process for viewers. The viewers are most likely sitting placidly [...]

I awake to the sound of my alarm buzzing at 6:00 am. Morning shower complete, I head downstairs to find my 14 year old son already dressed, lunch made and bag packed. He is waiting for me, eager to start his day. “Hurry up Mom, Let’s go!” he says as he heads out the front [...]