The Magic Classroom is an expansive place where we put a lot of hard work into creating lessons that spark students’ imaginations and make them come alive.  Our focus is on good classroom practice because we have found that when students are engaged in quality activities that challenge them to stretch out and take risks, they get the most out of school.  They are here to learn about life, the story of humanity and their place in the world. We want them to see the wonder in their everyday lives and have a hunger for learning.  We hope you join us in pushing through the wardrobe and into the magical land of learning.

guitar comicHey.  I’m Aaron and my special abilities include plunging students into an ever expanding Middle Ages role play game and staying there waaaaay too long…but it’s so fun. I also get carried away with movies I find interesting on a level fit for university classes and get a lot of blank stares from my grade 8 students. I once thought it would be a good idea to read a good chunk of Beowulf (translated but still full text) with middle school students and they weren’t super into it. What a surprise.  When I think of the things I did when I started teaching I laugh at my failures because hey, this job can be stressful, difficult, challenging, demoralizing at times, so why not laugh and carry on. More mindless ranting can be found at adrowe.com

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 10.42.04 AMHey, I’m Lara. I love to both tell and listen to stories. Especially stories about life and to be a part of those pivotal moments where we all walk away changed by what we just heard. Sometimes the stories shared don’t have any relevance whatsoever to what we are talking about in the classroom. They seem to be the ones that we all remember the most. Like the time I tried to make a student feel better and told the whole class how I peed my pants in Grade Two. Everyone seems to remember that more than they do the details surrounding the rise and fall of Roman Civilization. I knew my specialty was building relationships with students the day two of them asked me if I was into “shipping” students. I cheerfully informed them that although I totally knew who liked whom, I would not be offering them any dating services like PlentyofGrade8’s.com. My favourite things to do are laugh, read, celebrate “Aha” moments and eat. Not necessarily in that order.